Starting the planning stage now is the right decision if you want to be in your new home for Christmas 2019. Our planning process is set up with the intention to help avoid surprises in the design and build of your new custom home and to give more control and understanding to you throughout the project. The process of building a new home is the most important and expensive investment you may ever make and surprises usually mean shock at how expensive your dream home will cost to build. Having the architect/designer and builder working together with you, discussing size, style, budget and finishes right from the start, you greatly increase the chances of having a successful and enjoyable project.

The Process

Builder Meeting – Scheduling a meeting to discuss your ideas and start the bidding and planning process is step one. Chris Matthews Custom Homes will help you make informed decisions on various aspects of your home based on your budget.

Land – We can help you find the right piece of property or evaluate the suitability of the property for the desired home. Many items must be considered in this evaluation, including location, accessibility, schools, deed restrictions, appraisal values, clearing, easements, setbacks, etc.

Financing – We understand that you, like many other homebuyers, require financing for their new custom home. We have preferred lenders who can provide lot loans, construction loans and mortgages. Most banks do not do construction lending, so we stay abreast of who the best lenders are for these loans. Although it is not required to use the same bank for these loans, it will save time and money to use a lender that can provide everything. The lenders will approve three main components for your project, including the borrower, the home, and the builder.

Plans – Designing the right plan is critical. True custom homebuilding is what we are all about and with Chris Matthews Custom Homes, every single home is different. We strongly commit to working with you every step of the design process to ensure we not only capture the vision of what you hope for, but also go beyond that to create a unique and phenomenal home you will be proud to own.  Changes can be made at any stage of the design process. Once the drawings are completed to your satisfaction, we go through a competitive bidding process to ensure that costs are kept as low as possible.


When the design of the home is complete and the bidding process is complete, the project is submitted for loan approval / permitting. Each of these takes about three weeks and once both are complete, ground breaking occurs.


A kick-off meeting occurs prior to groundbreaking. Chris Matthews Custom Homes coordinates activities at the jobsite. We also receive all finish selections. Regular jobsite visits are conducted with you. Prior to move-in, a punch list walk through is performed and punch out of the list is completed prior to move-in to ensure your new home is nothing less than spectacular when you move in.

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