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Home Renovation & Remodeling

Chris Matthews Custom Homes offers quality home renovations & remodeling services when you need to repair or want to upgrade your current home. We have over 10 years in remodeling and renovation experience. If it’s in your home or part of your home, we can rebuild it or fix it. Your project will always get completed with the highest quality services and in a timely manner.


Here’s what you can expect—the nuts and bolts, if you will—once you become a Renovation or Remodeling client.

In-depth preliminary meetings that include detailed information gathering, including asking you lots of questions about the project and your budget and taking accurate measurements and shooting lots of pictures. We will give you a realistic yet fair, fixed price quote before every job is started.

Planning Phase
Happens after the initial consultation and delivering a low and high ballpark budget.  The sequence of events are: plan design and interior design (can include architect, interior designer, cabinet designer), engineering and soils testing (if required), material selections and pricing, on-site visit by all trade contractors (to search for hidden conditions and getting all info needed to provide a fixed bid for their work), compiling all bids into our proposal, and delivering the proposal to the clients.

Project Management
We manage all of our project documentation online through a shared document platform, that provides remote project access and change management. Everyone involved—from trade partners to suppliers to our team has remote access to the appropriate project documents. This not only helps us with improved project information access, but it also helps us better track your remodeling project’s status and quickly communicate updates and changes as they occur.

Our clients benefit from our detailed project management process that keeps projects moving smoothly and on-time and on-budget. We communicate with our clients regularly to keep them updated of progress and address any questions or concerns clients may have during the project process.

After we have finished the detailed project planning and all products and materials have been selected, we begin the construction process. We work with trade partners who are not only experts in their remodeling fields, but who are also continually committed to improving their skills and techniques. We choose to work only with partners who are as invested as we are in fulfilling the homeowner’s vision.

We maintain extensive checklists, both for installation and clean-up, and take many pictures during construction for documentation. We will do many walk-throughs with you to ensure complete satisfaction throughout the project. We go out of our way to streamline the process and make Quality Renovations and its trade partners accountable for quality workmanship and work completed on time.

When the project is complete, we leave you with a clean home and a home renovation that meets all your design specifications. You’ll also receive a certification of completion that begins your warranty.